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What is MRES?
MRES stands for Medical Response Emergency Software.

MRES is an executable application designed for the EMS industry. Data in MRES can be retrieved using a searchable index and output into dynamic reports. MRES allows EMS dispatchers to enter and update call data into a central database residing on either a wide–area or local–area network using an SQL Server.

MRES can track and create recurrent appointments and appointment Reports. MRES reports communicate between dispatch, billing and each individual mobile medical unit.

MRES is an EMS CAD software for medical transportation companies that are designed as dispatching software to assist medical transportation companies. MRES tracks mobile medical unit’s status, patient data, ETA status, employee hours, unit hours, delay and prompt status, response times, 911 calls, pending appointments, and much more.


Electronic Patient Care Reporting

Using wireless broadband connectivity, the ARC ePCR® Suite allows ambulance crews to quickly and securely complete patient care reports that can be electronically sent to Lifeline RGV, LLC.

The application includes time saving features such as remembering “Repeat Patients” & “Frequent Destinations.” The patient /destination feature keeps users from re-entering this information for each transport. Built on Touch Screen technology for ease of use, the ePCR can capture electronic patient signatures and complete records without internet access. A Validation function built into the ePCR helps ensure data quality and compliance.

  • Software technical support and onsite installation is included.
  • System data fields are flexible and can be configured differently for each provider’s needs.
  • System configures to be provider specific for medications and other values.
  • Complete set of individually designed hard copy PCR forms also included.


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